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Upgrade your orthodontic imaging software with Edge Imaging and get access to one of the most advanced imaging technologies available to orthodontists today.

With an intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and easy customization, Edge Imaging can help you efficiently manage all of your patient image files.

Edge Imaging is compatible with Ortho2 Edge Cloud or ViewPoint and is available as a standalone program. Take advantage of this and all the other pioneering software Ortho2 has to offer. For additional information on keeping your office on trend, or to view a product demo, contact your Regional Manager.


Top Enhancements

  • ABO Case submission
  • Timepoint morphing
  • Image morphing
  • Automated measurement and angle tool
  • Annotations, drawings and measurements can now be toggled on and off

Download Edge Imaging Brochure
Download Edge Imaging Brochure

Buy Edge Imaging Now!
Buy Edge Imaging Now!

* This software shall not be used as a diagnostics decision making system and must not be used to make clinical diagnosis or replace or overrule a licensed health care professional’s judgement or clinical diagnosis.