• Convenient card flow presentation - Quickly flip through patient X-rays and images and easily see pictures in large format.
  • Unlimited undo and redo capabilities - Efficiently edit all patient images and instantly access previous and current image changes, as well as return to original image.
  • Multiple image compare options and timepoints
  • Auto Import images
  • Single image import and export - Advanced functionality to easily import images and customize layouts and emails
  • Measure angles and distance, and draw on and annotate photos and X-rays on the fly
  • Preview, crop, rotate, enhance, and align photos in one single screen
  • Display silhouette image for easy alignment
  • Smart drag and drop features allow for customizable photo layouts
  • Supports TWAIN-compliant input devices and is compatible with standard image formats
  • Additional X-ray integrations let you automatically import digital X-ray images for most providers


Card Flip

Index View


Top Enhancements

  • ABO Case submission
  • Timepoint morphing
  • Image morphing
  • Automated measurement and angle tool
  • Annotations, drawings and measurements can now be toggled on and off

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Download Edge Imaging Brochure

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* This software shall not be used as a diagnostics decision making system and must not be used to make clinical diagnosis or replace or overrule a licensed health care professional’s judgement or clinical diagnosis.